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Our little story

Our story

Irene Bartomeu & Gloria Uribe


We are Irene and Gloria, two friends who decided to make our dreams a reality in 2004. Thus Bartomeu I Uribe was born.

We appreciate less and less the current fashion, that’s why we decided to create a project in harmony with our philosophy of life. This is how Bartomeu I Uribe was born.

BiU is a women clothing brand which offers creations exclusively made in Catalonia. We create two collections per year and we step in all the process: conception, formation of patterns, designing and selling of the clothes. Our comfortable clothes with a natural outline are made for the independent women of today who are not following fashion trends. Our creations show our values and our love for a job well done.

In BiU we are against industrial designers. We avoid systems of huge fashion chains which lead to aesthetic monopoly without personality. We believe in a slower system with accentuated quality, wishing all our customers to feel special, and wishing to change their vision from “buying clothes” to “dressing up with us”.

If you want to visit us, we are located in Carrer Carders, 31, in Barcelona.